I am more than happy to write this success story and share it with the ones who may be skeptical about taking on weeks of chiropractic treatment. I, for one, was one of those people. I had seen other chiropractors in the past to get a quick fix for my lower back pain. When my back pain became more frequent, and at times disabling, I knew the root of my problem was not being addressed correctly and I needed a different approach. I researched Dr. Innaimo, and found that he had a good reputation, was honest, and a well respected chiropractor in this area. After my initial consultation, he said he could help me, and he did! After my first visit, I felt better. I was pain free, after my first month of treatments. I was given very specific exercises, which were key to my quick healing. Dr. Innaimo explained to me not only would the manipulation help my lower back pain, spine and overall improvement to the structure of my body, but it would also correct other health problems I had. I feel so much better now, in line and well balanced! I will definitely keep up with my maintenance and visit the Innamio Clinic faithfully. Thanks to Dr. Innaimo and his friendly staff. I highly recommend him!