What is a simple daily practice you can adopt to help prevent injuries and is good for brain function? The answer is practicing balance.

To start, stand in a doorway with both feet together. your eyes open, and your arms outstretched straight in front of you for 60 seconds. If you feel stable and confident doing so then do it with your eyes closed. Once that is no longer a challenge for you, then do it standing on one leg with your non weight bearing leg and thigh at 90 degrees flexion (thigh parallel to the floor calf perpendicular to the floor). Then do it on the other leg. Once these get easy for you, start lowering your torso as low as possible without losing your balance for the 60 seconds. Do this on both legs with your eyes open. Once these are not a challenge, do them with your eyes closed. The final challenge is to do these with your head tipped backwards.

Give yourself days or even weeks to progress to the more challenging positions. Only do the exercise you can safely do that challenges you the most each day. Only progress when you feel safe and confident. The routine will only take minutes a day, but pay dividends in safety and longevity for years.