The stated mission statement of this office is: To improve the health of as many people as possible using Chiropractic, and all its adjunctive therapies.

To accomplish the mission statement we will seek to fulfill the following goals:


1.)  That before any decision is made whether it be regarding patient care, staff relations or office facilities, the question will be asked to ourselves – “Will the result better serve our patients?”  It is upon this determination all decisions will be made and policies implemented.


2.)  That we will make a conscious effort to love all patients regardless of how sick, dishonest, troublesome or unattractive they may be to us.


3.)  That we promote the following continuum of health care; Chiropractic first, drugs second and surgery last.


4.)  That we do not allow patients to dishonor this office or themselves by not collecting every dollar for our services which we have agreed to charge, and they have agreed to pay at the time it is due.


5.)  That we make a conscious effort to uplift the spirit of every patient in every contact we have with them.


6.)  That we have a clear understanding and communicate a unified explanation of Chiropractic manipulative therapy which justifies our existence as an important unique health care delivery system.  This explanation being that the normalization of the movement of the bodies joints normalizes the function of its nervous system.  This restores health and removes pain and disease.





–  Holistic not reductionistic


–  Based on Science not Anti-Science


–  Recognizes vis Medicatrix Naturae (The healing power of nature)


–  That it is our effort plus the patient’s compliance which gives a greatly improved patient.


–  That we offer services not cures to our patients.


–  That we see ourselves as part of a Health Care Delivery Team and will refer patients to any bona fide Health Care Facility to better serve them.


–  That we motivate our patients to have their health and the health of their families and friends cared for properly by educating them about the beauty, efficacy and uniqueness of the chiropractic approach to health.





1.)  To continuously be a better doctor by increasing my knowledge and concern for our patients.


2.)  To act in and out of the office in such a way as to enhance our credibility in the community standing.


3.)  To have patients talk about Chiropractic in the terms of this office.


4.)  To never say “I” to a patient but say “You”.







The main goal of our Chiropractic Office is to help as many people as possible health care maintenance and the prevention of illness, utilizing chiropractic methods of treatment.  While doing this we expect to grow and expand our practice, for which we need the support of a capable, dedicated, caring and professional staff.


To make a positive difference in people’s lives, it is our desire that you look upon your new position as an opportunity to serve others.  It is our goal and    commitment to serve our community with the best quality Chiropractic care and to educate patients so that they can in turn, refer others to chiropractic care.




Patient come to us because they are in pain, are ill, or want to improve the quality of their lives.  A patient’s visit to our office must be positive experience for them,

adding value to their life.  Their experience of our practice is influenced and generated by each of  the members of our staff and our team as a whole.  As a result of this perspective, each of us is responsible for helping patients






The success of our practice is measured by the number of patients who wish

to return to our office on a continued basis and refer friends and family as a result of thier experience and results with our care.  In order to increase our success, we must always be dedicated to serving patients in a way that increases the value of their experience with our office.  This is accomplished through always remembering patient names, educating and increasing their understanding about chiropractic

and enthusiastically enrolling them in the purpose of our practice.



1.)  To establish a Doctor/Staff team so that the staff works with the Doctor, not for the Doctor.


2.)  To realize in their relationship with the patients that their job is to get the patient better – not be their friends.


3.)  To recognize that the staff-patient relationship is a parent-child relationship not a brother-sister or friendship relationship of equals.


4.)  To learn more about Holistic Healing and understand all therapies used in our office.


5.)  To make patients talk about Chiropractic in terms of this office.


6.)  To never say “I” to a patient but “You”.


7.)  To be mind-full that as service to our patients increases all staff rewards increase.