I came to the Innaimo Clinic due to extreme pain in both my legs with numbness in my feet. I also had constant headaches. Many days, the pain caused me to use a cane. Some days I could not drive, and I had no strength. I also had trouble sleeping and was unable to stay in one position for very long.

I went to see a neurologist. He performed nerve tests on both legs, and told me it was restless leg syndrome. I dint think so. I was also diagnosed with neuropathy and he prescribed a number of medications. The drugs caused anxiety, nausea and made insomnia worse.

I started to see Dr. Innaimo and within a few visits, my legs felt better. The adjustments and a heel lift felt really good. My pain is at least 80% improved. My headaches are gone, and for the first time in years, I sleep thought the nigh. Dr. Innaimo also straightened my crooked jaw and worked on my knuckles.

I will definitely get preventative maintenance care.