Enzymes are “tools” that make chemical reactions happen faster and easier. There is an enzyme called ACE-2. If in a high enough concentration in our lungs, it either prevents or minimizes the COVID-19 infection.

So how can we raise ACE-2? One way is by getting regular aerobic exercise. Walking is fine. It’s best to do it outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Also, eat a plant based diet. Fruits and vegetables raise ACE-2 levels.

The virus needs its own enzyme, 3CL protease to jump from cell to cell and infect new cells. There are substances you can include in your diet that keep 3CL protease from working and thereby keep the virus from further infecting you.

There is a pigment found in plants called circumin which is in tumeric. It inhibits or in other words keeps the 3CL protease enzyme from working. It is better to take our tumeric because it is combined with fenugreek, an herb that makes it last 24 times longer in our body than regular tumeric.

I have a lot more things you can do. I want to give it to you in digestible amounts. So start with these steps. More to follow. There are 18 steps in all you can take. This article contains 4 of them.