In my last email I talked about circumin a compond in turmeric that is a great defense against a lot of things including COVID-19. Tumeric drives something called NrF2 pathways in our cells. These are the “cellular protective pathways”. Our bodies are as healthy as our cells are healthy. Just remember this other turmeric stays in our body only two hours. Our tumeric is combined with fenugreek which makes it stay in our body eight hours.
Most of the damage COVID-19 causes is from the inflammation response it touches off. Many people today have the problem of not being able to turn off their inflammatory response. We need to be able to turn it on when we need it and turn it off when it is best for it to end otherwise it can result in pain and tissue destruction. This is one of the reasons that CBD products are so popular nowadays. That’s what CBD and hemp oil do – turn off inflammation. Our hemp is superior because not only does it have CBD in it, it also has the cofactors the CBD needs to work.
Resveratrol is an anti oxidant (cleans up cellular debris) found in red grape skin, peanuts, berries and an herb called Japanese Knot Weed that helps against the virus. We have it in our herbal line, but it can be gotten apart from our office. It has the same beneficial effect on our cells as fasting does.
Rosmarinic acid is also good. It is in the spices rosemary and oregano. It too is in our product line.
Quercitin is a bioflavinoid found in fruits and vegetables. It is in our product line as well because it is in buckwheat. Buckwheat is in a lot of our products because the majority of them are concentrated food stuffs. Quercitin gets zinc into our cells. Zinc is needed in the mitochondria (power plants) of our cells. That’s where the cell gets its energy to do what it has to do. In this case the job is to ward off COVOD-19. Remember from my last email that any bioflavinoid blocks the enzyme the virus needs to jump cell to cell.
ECGC, a compound in green tea also makes zinc more available to the cell.
Dr. Innaimo