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“I live by practicing what I preach in regard to living healthy. I like to walk from my home to my office. I do Hatha Yoga, take the supplements I recommend and eat the zone diet.”“I am very passionate about chiropractic care and helping people achieve overall health. I want you to feel the relief I longed for early on in life. I believe I can help!”

Have You Done Everything to Protect Yourself?

In my last email I talked about circumin a compond in turmeric that is a great defense against a lot of things including COVID-19. Tumeric drives something called NrF2 pathways in our cells. These are the “cellular protective pathways”. Our bodies are as healthy as our cells are healthy. Just remember this other turmeric stays [...]

How to Help Yourself Beat Corona-Virus

  From 1917-1918 there was a Spanish Flu pandemic. At that time chiropractic was a young profession – only 23 years old. Some chiropractors were struggling to stay in business. The Spanish Flu established their business. How you ask? Chiropractors got fantastic results with the flu patients while those under medical care died like flies [...]

The Five Corner Stones of Eating Right

Adequate water intake Detox Electric Nutrients in Solution How much Hard water Bottled water Balance Blood Sugar Unburdens stress system Decrease chances of CA etc. Decrease inflammation Demonstrate how to read labels Food to limit Keep Yourself Alkaline 1/3 calories fruits and veggies More basic than acid 4 ideal ph. 76/82 of people with back [...]