Chiropractic treatment for Arthritis

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Chiropractic treatment for Arthritis


          What is Arthritis?  The term comes from two Greek words, “arthros” which means joint, and “itis” which means inflammation.  There are many types of arthritis.  The kind we are talking about in this post, is the most common kind, degenerative joint disease or “wear and tear” arthritis.


To understand arthritis and how chiropractic helps it, you need to know something about the makeup and function of a joint. In health, joints move on each other as easily as wet ice cubes do on a wet tongue. Trauma, poor posture or repeated small injuries (micro trauma) cause joints to develop adhesions–their surfaces stick together.  These adhesions cause a loss of the joint play or slack.  Joint play is necessary for a joint to go through its full range of motion.  Once a joint loses it, the full range of motion cannot be achieved.  The capsule (covering of the joint) and other ligaments in and around it shorten.  This increases the friction on the joint surfaces and they break down or degenerate.  This is the essence of degenerative joint disease or arthritis.


In 1961, a study done in Prague, Czechoslovakia, with 1000 people in it, was conducted by two very famous medical doctors.  Karl Lewitt and Vladimir Janda.  They proved that as long as a joint moved properly, even if it had arthritis, even if it had large spurs, it did not necessarily have to hurt.


         Chiropractic adjustments reintroduce joint play.  Thus allowing the joint to achieve its full range of motion and stopping the degeneration of the joint or the disc in cases of the spine. What makes more sense-to try to control the pain with medication or to fix the biomechanics of the joint and stop the pain and degeneration?

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