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Allergies and Sinus Problems

Allergies and Sinus Problems


The word subluxation is a chiropractic term that refers to a malpositioned or fixated joint in the spine that is affecting a nerve causing pain or dysfunction of an organ. A subluxation can be present without causing pain, however there will always be tenderness when the area over the subluxation is touched.

The word adjustment refers to a high velocity low force thrust to a subluxation, which corrects the subluxation, removes the pressure on the nerve, and restores normal function to the affected organ.

If a person has a subluxation at a level of the spine that gives nerve supply to the tissues of the sinuses or the immune system (the thymus) the result may be an allergic or sinus condition. Adjusting the subluxations resolves the allergy or the sinus condition.

In addition to spinal subluxations these patients often have Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction (jaw) or Cranio Sacral Dysfunction (problems with the soft tissues and fluid system that protects the brain and spinal cord). Only a doctor trained in the diagnosis and treatment of subluxations, TMD and Cranio Sacral Dysfunction can tell if these conditions are present. They all respond well to adjustments.

Sometimes patients with allergies or sinus problems have food sensitivities that need to be identified and eliminated from their diet. Others have digestive disorders, which need to be corrected with supplementation before they can make a complete healing response. This is the comprehensive “search for the underlying cause” approach we take in our office.

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