About Innaimo Clinic of Chiropractic

Settling in as the Chiropractor in Watertown

35 years of practicing, 2 different locations, and Dr. Donn Innaimo is still as enthusiastic about helping people find relief as the day he started!

“I first opened my practice in February of 1982 in what was then my hometown of Waterbury, Connecticut. I practiced there for five years, gaining experience and helping people along the way.”

“Then in 1987, I moved to Watertown, Connecticut and have been practicing here at Innaimo Chiropractic for the past 30 years. In addition to Watertown, I also often treat patients from Thomaston, Oakville and as far as away as Massachusetts, Simsbury and New Haven.”

Innaimo Chiropractic’s Goal for You? Relief.

The goal is to help people find relief when other doctors can’t.  Dr. Donn Innaimo also likes teaching and explaining the truth about a condition and solution. Many find his enthusiasm and honesty refreshing!

We’re here to help!

Innaimo Chiropractic most often helps patients find relief from the conditions and symptoms below:

If your health concern or issue is not listed here, call us we may be able help you with those too!

My Staff and I Are Dedicated to You!

“My assistant, Heidi, helps me out at the front desk, welcomes patients, and helps run the practice. She makes sure the office runs smoothly and patients have all that they need. You’ll get a chance to meet her on your first visit.”

Give Heidi a call today to schedule your consultation here at Innaimo Chiropractic!