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Have You Done Everything to Protect Yourself?

In my last email I talked about circumin a compond in turmeric that is a great defense against a lot of things including COVID-19. Tumeric drives something called NrF2 pathways in our cells. These are the “cellular protective pathways”. Our bodies are as healthy as our cells are healthy. Just remember this other turmeric stays

How Covid-19 Works and What You Can Do

Enzymes are “tools” that make chemical reactions happen faster and easier. There is an enzyme called ACE-2. If in a high enough concentration in our lungs, it either prevents or minimizes the COVID-19 infection. So how can we raise ACE-2? One way is by getting regular aerobic exercise. Walking is fine. It’s best to do

How to Help Yourself Beat Corona-Virus

  From 1917-1918 there was a Spanish Flu pandemic. At that time chiropractic was a young profession – only 23 years old. Some chiropractors were struggling to stay in business. The Spanish Flu established their business. How you ask? Chiropractors got fantastic results with the flu patients while those under medical care died like flies

Low Back Pain | Symptoms and Causes

Low back pain is a common condition with many people and is commonly experienced by all at some point in their lives. The severity of the pain may or may not be related to the injury that has caused it. When something as simple as a strain in the back can cause unbearable discomfort, a

Practicing Balance

What is a simple daily practice you can adopt to help prevent injuries and is good for brain function? The answer is practicing balance. To start, stand in a doorway with both feet together. your eyes open, and your arms outstretched straight in front of you for 60 seconds. If you feel stable and confident

Exercise Can Help Relieve Pain

If you are one of the millions of people that suffer from lower back pain, then you need to know that exercise can do wonders for you. When it comes to relieving lower back pain, exercise provides more long term relief than any back pills that your doctor can give you. The fact is, pills

The Five Corner Stones of Eating Right

Adequate water intake Detox Electric Nutrients in Solution How much Hard water Bottled water Balance Blood Sugar Unburdens stress system Decrease chances of CA etc. Decrease inflammation Demonstrate how to read labels Food to limit Keep Yourself Alkaline 1/3 calories fruits and veggies More basic than acid 4 ideal ph. 76/82 of people with back

Bursitis treatment

Bursitis A bursa is a fluid filled sac that assists movement and reduces friction between moving body parts. They lie between a tendon and skin or between a tendon and bone. Bursitis is inflammation of the sac. It can be acute or chronic. Bursitis is caused by chronic overuse or trauma and it can be

Allergies and Sinus Problems

Allergies and Sinus Problems   The word subluxation is a chiropractic term that refers to a malpositioned or fixated joint in the spine that is affecting a nerve causing pain or dysfunction of an organ. A subluxation can be present without causing pain, however there will always be tenderness when the area over the subluxation

Rotator Cuff Syndrome

  The term “rotator cuff” refers to a group of four tendons that attach from the shoulder muscle to the upper arm bone. There are degrees of injury to the rotator cuff.  Sometimes there is a complete tear. When this happens, the entire tendon is severed from the bone.  This cannot be treated with chiropractic.  The

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